Updates for the Week

Good Afternoon Hornets!

Just a few updates for the week. We are working on a graduation ceremony. However, at this time we are told that we are to prepare for virtual graduations. We have creative ideas but need a little longer to set everything in motion.

We are hearing that the Governor is going to reopen parts of Pennsylvania to the YELLOW STAGE on or about May 8th.  I will let you know how that effects our region.

I also wanted to let you know a little more about grading this marking period. As you know our district has moved to full instruction or Phase 3 of remote learning.  This means that new learning is occurring, and assignments are being graded.  However,  within each building this looks a little different.

In Charlotte Lappla and Don Gill:

The Fourth 9 week grading will be Pass/Fail.

A determination of a passing grade will be participation, completion of assignments/tasks, and mastery of concepts.

A determination of a failing grade will be zero participation, zero completion of assignments/tasks, and zero mastery of concepts.

A year end grade will be based on a combination of all 9 week marking period grades and Subjects that receive a percentage grade will be averaged by the First Three 9 week marking period percentages.

Rock L. Butler Middle School:

Students will receive their earned percentage grade in each class for the 4th 9 week marking period.  The 4th 9 week marking period grade will be averaged in with all other marking period grades to determine final grade.

Wellsboro High School:

For 3rd and 4th 9 week marking periods, the High School will be assigning a regular numerical grade.

The Final Exam grade will be an average of all four 9 week marking period grades.

**In the event a family /student may need a modification of work due to family crisis pertaining to Covid-19 please make your teacher or administrator aware and modifications can be made.

This week teachers and staff members are clearing out all student desks and lockers.  Your child’s personnel possession left at school will be bagged, tagged with their id and stored in a central location.  Each building principal will contact you with details on dates and times to allow for curb side pickup. Thank you for being so patient as we sorted through these details.  You will have your items soon.