Elementary School Art Show

The Art show this year will look a little different, but fun, nonetheless.  We will be having student artwork K-4 on display in the local businesses and eateries commencing with First Friday, May 6th and on display until Monday, May 23rd.

It may be lots of fun to get out and experience the events that First Friday has to offer as well as check out your child’s art piece on display.  Please encourage students to be cognizant of displayed work and enjoy with their eyes to prevent damage.

The mapping below provides specific details as to where the work is located.  Check the business’ website for times/hours of operation.

We hope you enjoy the kiddos creativity!

– Mrs. Wagaman

The Native Bagel:  Bowen – 2nd/Ryan – Kdg.

Harland’s:  Nuss – 2nd / McCabe – 2nd

Wellsboro Nutrition:  Mascho – 1st/Hildebrand – 4th

Fox’s:  Smith – 4th/Brought – 2nd

The Steakhouse:  Gay – 4th/Starkweather – 3rd

Timeless:  Robinson – Kdg./Davis – 3rd

Café 1905 (Dunham’s):  Mosher – 4th/Callahan – Kdg.

C & N Bank:  Cary – 4th/Tice – Kdg.

Hillstone Farms:  Lohr – 1st/Eiswerth – 3rd

Tony’s Italian Cuisine:  Callahan – 3rd

First Citizens:  Miller – 3rd/Warriner – Kdg.

Wellsboro Mini Mall:  Phillips – 1st

Deane Center:  Palmer – Kdg./Clark – 1st/Freeman – 2nd

Pop’s Culture:  Lightner – 1st

Wellsboro Creamery:  Shaw – 1st