Wellsboro Sports Live Streaming Schedule through 10/11

(Last Updated on 9/27/2020)

We will be broadcasting/streaming the following events now through October 11th. You can visit our Facebook Live page or YouTube Channel page for all the videos. We’ll update this post if games/streams are added, rescheduled, or cancelled and as we get closer to the end of this schedule.

Wednesday, 9/30 @ 6pm: Middle School Volleyball vs Wyalusing*

Thursday, 10/1 @ 6pm: JV/V Volleyball vs Sayre*

Saturday, 10/3 @ 5:30pm: Boys V/JV Soccer vs Williamson

Monday, 10/5 @ 5:30pm: Boys Varsity Soccer vs North Penn/Liberty

Tuesday, 10/6 @ 6pm: JV/V Volleyball vs Wyalusing

Wednesday, 10/7 @ 4pm: Middle School Soccer vs Towanda

Saturday, 10/10:

  • 11am: Middle School Soccer vs Sayre
  • 7pm: Varsity Football vs Towanda


*The following games have conflicts with indoor events and will not be streamed. Outdoor events are able to have spectators, the coaches have tickets.

  • 9/30 @ 5:30: Boys Soccer vs Sayre
  • 10/1 @ 5:30: Girls Soccer vs Williamson


The following games were scheduled to be streamed/broadcast, but have since been cancelled/changed:

  • 9/28 @ 6pm: Middle School Volleyball vs Sayre (cancelled)
  • 10/2 @ 7pm: Varsity Football vs Troy (cancelled)
  • 10/3 @ 1pm: Girls Varsity Soccer vs Towanda (now an away game)
  • 10/7 @ 6pm: Boys Varsity Soccer vs Troy (cancelled)
  • 10/8 @ 5pm: Middle School Football vs Troy (cancelled)