Remote Meal Pickup

Parents/guardians who would like to pick up meals for their students may do so from 4-6:00pm Monday, November 23 and from 4-6:00pm on Tuesday, December 1. All meals will get picked up from the Commons doors off the back parking lot of the High School (225 Nichols St, Wellsboro PA), regardless of which school your child attends.

You do NOT need to have responded “Yes”  to the phone survey that was sent last week to pick up meals! The survey was just to give us an estimate of how many meals we would need. If you cannot make it to the pickup, but a friend, neighbor, etc. can, that is fine, they just need the student(s) name(s) they are picking up for.

Note for parents of remote students who usually pick up meals, you do not need to fill out the meal pickup form like you normally would while the District is in Remote Instruction. Just stop by during the meal pickup times and give your child’s name.