Important Guidelines for Returning In-Person Students

If you elect to return your child to in-person learning on Monday, December 7, it is extremely important that you follow these guidelines:

DO NOT send your child to school if they are ill.

In addition, if ANYONE in your household is:

  • displaying symptoms of COVID
  • is waiting to be tested
  • has been tested and is awaiting test results
  • has tested positive
  • has had known exposure to a person who has tested positive
  • is in quarantine or isolation

DO NOT send your child to school.  Please contact your child’s school to let them know.

Under the updated masking order, masks must be worn at ALL times other than masking breaks and lunch.

Please remember the District continues to offer remote learning and WOA to allow students to continue learning while not attending in-person to best support your family’s needs.

Thank you!