Title 1 Reading

My name is Mrs. Campbell, and I am the Title 1 Reading teacher for fifth and sixth grade. I have taught reading in the regular classroom for several years and am now looking forward to working with smaller groups of children to foster a love for reading and to strengthen their reading skills.

I grew up in Wellsboro and attended school here. I graduated from Eastern University in 1982 with a bachelors in Elementary Education and from Mansfield University in 1996 with a Masters in Elementary Education. I received my Reading Certificate in February of 2006. I am married and have two grown children. Katie is 29, married, and resides in Wellsboro. Kamen is 27, married and currently works as a Regional Deer Biologist for the state of Mississippi. I have two granddaughters, Charlotte who is 2 years old and Charity who is almost 4 months old.

When I’m not in school, I enjoy several hobbies including quilting, reading, scrapbooking, crafting and playing the keyboard. I also love to spend time with my family.

5th and 6th Grades

Dear parents/guardians,

I look forward to working with your student this year. My program will involve working with small groups of students in my room as well as working in the classroom team teaching with the regular classroom teacher.

My curriculum will include strategies to help students become confident readers as well as basic skills including main idea, fact and opinion, author’s purpose, figurative language, and many others.  It is my hope to foster a love for reading in your student. There are hundreds of AR books in my room that students are welcome to sign out. There are also books available in each teacher’s room and the library. They are arranged by levels which makes it easy for students to find a book in their level. Parents can find AR books by going to www.arbookfind.com. At this site you can search by author, title, or level.

You may contact me at 724-2306 or vcampbell@wellsborosd.org. It is my privilege to work with your child this year. Please contact me if you have any questions.

5th Grade Content for the Week

Each week we’ll be working on vocabulary building activities as well as comprehension skills. We accomplish this through several different types of activities including learning centers, on-line activities and worksheets. Your student is given time each day at the beginning of my pull-out class to read AR and time at the end of the class to start on any homework they may have been assigned during the morning.

6th Grade Content for the Week

Each week I see your students during Rtii. This occurs every day. During that time they will be given a few minutes to read AR. The majority of class time will be devoted to building skills both in Reading and in Math. We accomplish this through a variety of activities from learning centers, to computer programs, to worksheets and puzzles. During the last few minutes of class time, students are given an opportunity to start on any homework they have been assigned during the morning, or they may go see a teacher to make up any work they have missed.

Summer Program Links


An interactive vocabulary game to practice and reinforce vocabulary skills. This link will take you to the site where you can order the game and have it downloaded to your Apple device. It is currently not available. If you fill out the email portion under the order tab, the company will let you know when it becomes available.