Fay Driskell


Mrs. Fay Driskell

Instructional Aide


I started in 2004 working as an Instructional Aide in the Wellsboro School District, and High School since 2012. My job is fun as I am surrounded by so many caring compassionate people who have a great work ethic and who also happen to have wonderful senses of humor. I help students who have many different challenges every day; I do this because they are some of the most inspiring, happy and courageous people I have the privilege to know.

I have a two year associates degree called an N.N.E.B which is an English certificate which specializes in child development from newborn to 7 years of age. After graduating from the High School I hope that our students have acquired the skills that they need to live productive and rewarding lives. I chose this job as I truly enjoy working with the faculty and students.