Joanne Shaw

Mrs. Joanne Shaw


Hi, my name is Joanne Shaw. I live in Mainesburg with my family. I am married to Jon Shaw and we have 3 children; J.P, Cooper and Elaina. We have a dog, Milly and a cat, Cora. My favorite things to do are  spending time with my family hiking, skiing and going to the beach.

I received my teaching degree from Mansfield University and taught Kindergarten for 3 years in Phillipsburgh, NJ. I moved back to the area in 1996 when Jon and I got married. I started teaching at Charlotte Lappla in 1997 as a first grade teacher. I now teach K-1 and love teaching my kids!

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Hours that you can reach me are from 7:50-3:20. You can contact me by phone, text or email. I will get right back to you within a few minutes.