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Mrs. Lenore Schmitt


Thank you for visiting this page!  I have a love for Social Studies and a passion for teaching.  I have my undergrad in Secondary Social Studies Education and a Master’s Degree in Education from University of Colorado.  I have had extension training in  technology in the classroom, professional learning teams, reading and writing in the classroom, and Gifted Ed.

I love that each day  in the classroom is a new  challenge and spend time planning lessons that are engaging and challenging.  You can walk past our classroom at anytime and see students who are engaged and working towards higher level critical thinking using Social Studies content as a vessel.

I have 15 years teaching experience in 7-12 Social Studies, with concentrations in US History and Government.  I have taught in diverse settings from Colorado, Louisiana, to home here in Pennsylvania.  My experience in both urban and rural settings has given me an expanded toolkit for instruction.  Our class  will focus on the fundamental of historical facts and context and then we dive deeper into application of information.  You will see a variety of assessments to meet all learning styles that includes historical writing, debate, presentation, political cartoon creation and analysis and standard quizzes and tests.  

I look forward to the 2019-2020 school year as a first year teacher to Wellsboro High School. This is wonderful place  focused on helping students reach their full potential.  I am proud to be a Hornet!

2019-2020 Courses:
Historical Perspectives of US History 9 and 10
AP Politics and Government
Freshman Foundations and Tutorial

Communication is the key to success, please feel free to contact me any time.

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