Mary Nance
(570) 724-2306

Mrs. Mary Nance


I am privileged to teach at RLBMS after growing up in this area, traveling the world and living overseas, raising a beautiful family, and then earning my degree in 2008.  I enjoy teaching, being with my family, flower gardening, my faith, reading, and baking. 

As your children and I embark on the adventure of working together every day in school for English Language Arts(ELA) Writing 6,  I am looking forward to stimulating their understanding of the conventions of our language, broadening their writing skills and critical reading aptitude, and increasing their spelling capabilities. My course will be adhering closely to the expectations listed in the Pennsylvania Common Core. 

It is important that students arrive prepared for class with a writing tool, any homework, and an agenda.  They should always have their notebook/folder for this class and their AR book. Depending on what is being covered, students may need to bring their reading textbook, too.  Homework is only eligible for full credit if it has the student’s first name and last initial on it and is turned in during the class period it is due, with exceptions for absences given.

Students’ grades will be determined by the marks they earn on their assignments. Please use Parent Portal to check weekly homework assignments and to keep apprised of your 6th grade student’s grades for my ELA class.

Please be assured that I will make every effort to provide students with the best possible education in our 6th grade English Language Arts-Writing class.  If you have questions or concerns, please call me and leave a message or email me anytime.