Molly Cary

Mrs. Molly Cary



Music class at Charlotte Lappla seems like so much fun that at first we might think it’s not really learning! Boys and girls are dancing, showing moves, and singing.  They are taking turns playing instruments and telling the stories that go with the music. However, it’s not all easy.  Children must use their listening skills.  They have to follow directions.  They must be willing to participate and show practice in good in-tune singing and playing instruments accurately.  Dances must go with the tempo (how fast) and the dynamics (how loud)

  1. Listening to music and telling how it sounds.
  2. Singing and learning the meaning of the words.
  3. Moving to the rhythms and the beat
  4. Playing instruments.

Below, see the upcoming performances for Kindergarten and 1st grade this year!

April 23rd, Thursday Kindergarten Performance Rehearsal – 9:00 and 1:15 (1st attends)

April 24th, Friday Kindergarten Family Performance – 9:00 and 1:15


May 14th, Thursday 1st Grade Recognition Assembly rehearsal  – 9:00 and 1:15 (K attends)

May 15th, Friday  1st Grade Recognition Assembly Family Performance – 9:00 and 1:15