Kieser, Robert
(570) 724-3547

Mr. Robert Kieser

Technology Education


Hello, I am Mr. Kieser, and I am a Technology Education teacher in the Wellsboro Area School District.  I graduated from Millersville University in 2001, and have taught in Wellsboro the last 17 years. In the mornings I teach at the middle school and in the afternoons I teach at the high school. Outside of school most of my time is spent with my family (Wife and 4 kids) doing a number of activities including school functions, soccer, 4H, hunting, fishing and running a small farm at home.

High School Courses:

Metal technology I
Metal technology II

Middle School Courses:

7th Grade:  Digital Media
8th Grade:  Intro to shop skills

Each class lasts for 35 days.

The easiest way to reach me, since I am between the two buildings is to email me.