Steven Henneman

Mr. Steven Henneman

Head Teacher / Computer


Hello! Welcome to the Don Gill computer lab. In the Don Gill computer lab there are 29 ThinkCentre PC’s, an interactive whiteboard, laser printer, color printer, scanner and access to digital equipment.

In the Don Gill School every student in grades two through four attends computer class once a week for 40 minutes. In computer class we spend the majority of our time learning keyboarding skills. Emphasis is also placed on Internet usage, ethics and safety.

General Goals of the Computer Program

  • To be able to master the home row keys to prepare for future keyboarding lessons at the Middle School.
  • To help each child feel comfortable using technology
  • To expose students to computer vocabulary, with a basic understanding of the components of a computer
  • To experience working with multimedia
  • To learn how to navigate using the Internet with personal safety and ethics being a key issue
  • To learn how to utilize the Internet in order to research, communicate and create
  • To learn proper etiquette when using the Internet
  • To recognize the global sense of the Internet
  • To become responsible and respectful when using the computer