Summer Announcements

                                                                                       June 12, 2023


Rock L. Butler Middle School Construction Project

Due to the construction at the Rock L. Butler Middle School, the building will be closed to everyone except the construction crews beginning today, June 12, 2023 through mid-August.  Those employees who work over the summer will be relocated to the Charlotte Lappla Elementary School until the building reopens.


Hours of Operation for the Summer

All district buildings will be operating from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. from today, June 12, 2023 through August 18, 2023.  There may be times throughout the summer when a particular office is closed due to vacations and/or summer cleaning schedules.  Please call ahead to confirm that someone is in the office the day you will be visiting. 


Unavailability of District Buildings

There may be times throughout the summer that certain buildings or areas of the buildings will be closed due to summer maintenance and cleaning.  The district will try to work around the many building requests, however, there may be times when certain areas will need to be closed for maintenance and repairs.