Employee Wellness

On 2/12/24 several community members provided an afternoon of wellness sessions for WASD faculty and staff. WASD would like to thank these individuals for their time and expertise in providing wellness sessions. Thank you to our presenters! 

Top/left to right. 

Employee Assistance Program-Phil Corcoran

Ergonomics-UPMC Wellsboro, Tyler Wiand & Aaron Stephens

Navigating your Medical Benefits- April Wuethrich

Health Advocate- Blast IU#17, Miranda Kelley

Benefits of Massage Therapy- Rebecca Charles

Middle row/left to right.

Learn to Relax- Dr. Brian Shrawder

Parks & Recreation Opportunities for Wellness- Brian Kennedy

Benefits of Sleep- Chris Kennedy

Fitness YMCA- Tasha Pratt

Bottom row/left to right.

Skin Care- Allure, Cara & Amber Abernathy

Benefits of Yoga- Brandy Hirsch

Self Defense- Frank Levindoski

A Holistic Approach to Health &  Fitness, 365- Austin Dunham 

Nutrition Shakes- Courtney Carr